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**credits to and Agent P for the photos :)

CNBLUE rocked the Philippines last June 15 during their Blue Moon Concert Tour held in the Araneta Coliseum.

I’ve been admiring these guys and their music since their debut in the KPOP scene that’s why I knew ALL the songs they played in the concert. Haha. 

Seeing them in the flesh and listening to their live performance was truly a dream come true for me. Being in the same place with CNBLUE was just so so surreal!!! They were indeed naturally good-looking young men with undeniable talent. And Yonghwa .. why did you mention Singapore instead of Philippines huh? Mistaaake~ LOL. No worries, we Boices still cheered you on despite of that. We love you. I love you. Woah~ yeyeah! Listening to your singing voice and funny adlibs was.. hey, can someone just pinch me?

Jonghyun was a silent-type, but every minute he plays his electric guitar.. woah.. AWESOME! He’s a god!

Jungshin was the funniest one, and displayed his humorous antics which made me really laugh out loud. And man, he’s really TALL.

Minhyuk was so cute during his spiels while he was sitting behind his drums at the back portion of the stage but his drum playing was unquestionable as well as his famous drumstick twirling act. 

Thank God the sound system was DAEBAK and I was able to hear CNBLUE’s flawless and crisp notes. They never missed a note, except Yonghwa’s voice cracking. Hihi. I was right that the boys of CNBLUE are not just pretty boys, they are superb instrumentalists and vocalists.

From now on, June 15 won’t be just an ordinary date in my calendar. Just like my love Yonghwa, I will never forget that night for it was very special. I will be looking forward to meeting CNBLUE again. ;)

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